Loftus Family Farm U-Pick Vineyard

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The 2013 Season is now officially over!

I checked the vineyard on the weekend of October 5th and will have to say, the U-Pick season at Loftus Family Farm is over.  The leaves on the vines are turning yellow and many have already fallen off.  This is an indication that the vines are going dormant in preparation for winter.  This also makes the vines stop growing any grapes that are left.  What ever is now in the vineyard will stay at it’s state of ripeness and will eventually just dry up and fall off.  The ripe grapes have been picked over and what is left is not worth picking, so that is why we are now totally closed.  We will reopen next August and we hope to see you then.

I really want to thank everyone who came out and picked grapes this year. It was good to greet old friends and make new acquaintances. We hope that you had a good time and enjoyed your grapes. We hope to see you again next August.

Don Loftus
Loftus Family Farm
386-461-1227 (home)
352-214-1028 (Don’s Cell)
352-214-0974 (Ermy’s Cell)

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Loftus Family Farm was featured in the Alachua County Today Newspaper on September 3, 2012 and they did a really nice article. Here is the link: Newspaper article about Loftus Family Farm

Wendy Wilber, Alachua County Agriculture Extension Agent, came out to the vineyard last year for a video segment she was going to do for WCJB Channel 20 TV. It is still on their web site and here is a link to that video: Video about Muscadine grapes

Photos of the Supreme grapes on the left and some Ison grapes on the right.

Greetings from Don and Ermida Loftus. We are a small vineyard north of Gainesville, FL specializing in dark Muscadine grapes and dedicated to U-Pick. Our main fresh fruit grape is the Supreme, a very large, thin skinned, very sweet grape. The other grape we grow, the Ison, is a self pollinating variety that produces a very sweet, slightly smaller berry that ripens early in the season. This grape also pollinates the Supreme vines which are female plants. I’m also adding a new variety of dark Muscadine called “Delicious” and was developed by the University of Florida. I just planted them this year, so we will have to wait several more years before they produce any grapes. I have an article about them Links page.

It turns out that Muscadine grapes have many health benefits and they taste good too. I have listed some of the articles on the Links page. Take a look and you just might want to eat a few more grapes.