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Here are some photos of the vineyard and the grapes so you can see what they look like.  Remember to check below the photos are a number with arrows because sometimes there are more than one page of photos for the album you are viewing.    I’ll be adding more, but if you would like to see the vineyard, even from years ago, the images are archeived at my PBase Photo Site

Photo History of the vineyard

I wanted to have a section of photos that shows the progression of the vineyard from when I started until now.

15 Photos

2011 Season

These are the photos of the vineyard during the 2011 season.

23 Photos

2012 Season

I haven't taken a lot of photos this year since all the grape photos start to look alike. I've taken photos since I started and you can see all the past years by going to my other photo site at:

13 Photos

2013 Season

It is amazing just how fast the vines grow!

10 Photos

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